We help businesses


their commercial contracts


Who we are and how we can help

We are a law company leading the way in optimizing how large companies create, negotiate, and manage their commercial contracts.

We believe that contracting should be simple and easy. We help clients make this a reality by:

  • negotiating high-volume day-to-day commercial contracts
  • helping optimize internal contracting processes
  • fixing lots of contracts
  • building and implementing lawtech

We do this by combining fixed pricing (to give you certainty and align our interests), applying legal judgement, design, data, and process rigour, and by developing technology.

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About ConRad

ConRad is a joint venture bringing together Conduit Law and Radiant Law's expertise in commercial contracts to support US clients.  Our team is based in Toronto and Cape Town, allowing us to cost effectively support clients in the North American time zones. We are not a law firm (although you can use our services via our parent companies if you wish) and we support commercial contracts under the supervision of our clients' legal teams (through playbooks and escalation). 

Our focus is on helping those in-house teams get their simpler day-to-day commercial contracts off their desk to let them focus on more strategic work.


Contact us

To find out more about how we can work with you, or how you can work for us, email peter@conradcontracts.com.